Surveys & Building Inspections

All aspects of high-level inspection, building and site recording undertaken. Accurate data about your building or site presented in an easy to understand report, that contains the information needed for decision making. Site mapping suitable for taking measurements to survey-grade images.

We have permission from the CAA for commercial drone operations and carry specialised drone insurance in addition to our regular public liability coverage. 

  • Inspection services
  • High level inspections & roof Surveys
  • Building defect investigation
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Progress & stakeholder reports
  • Condition surveys
  • Site surveys & maps


Every job will have its own unique elements and circumstances which will affect costs. As a starting point, the list below is representative of a basic service with no extenuating circumstances. All costs will be discussed and agreed before works commence. Additional expenses such as parking and travel will be added to each invoice. The use of a drone will add a minimum of £245 to the cost.

Starting rates

  • High-level inspections utilising drones £495
  • Building defect investigation – none drone £395
  • Planned preventative maintenance £395
  • Progress and stakeholder reports £395
  • Condition surveys – non-drone £395
  • Site map-measurable non-survey grade £495
  • Site mapping survey-grade with drone £995

Safe, Quick and Accurate Data Collection

Informed decision making is possible when survey data accurately reflects client needs.

  • Detailed site plans
  • Asset management
  • Programmed maintenance inspections
  • Fault/damage locating 

Our process allows for high-level inspections to be conducted safely and quickly without the need for expensive and time consuming scaffolding or lifting platforms. Stakeholder progress reports and planning compliance can be conducted safely and quickly.

The inspection findings will be outlined in a clear easy to understand report.

Related Services

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Identify missing insulation, damaged cells within solar panels, cold bridging, areas of stress within structures and ill-fitting windows and doors.

Insurance Damage Assessment

Assessments are conducted by a BDMA qualified technician. Drying plans, stripout and scope of works. Specialised drying and drying confirmation inspections.

Heritage Building Surveys

Heritage buildings require specialised knowledge to ensure that works are carried out with sympathy to the materials and building methods.

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