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bespoke surveys + drying services for the construction and insurance industries

drones in construction

flood mitigation

Flood mitigation can help to reduce the effects of flooding on people and property; this includes flood resiliency measures that can facilitate rapid drying and reinstatement of affected structures.

drones in construction

commercial building drying

Our commercial building drying services offer the client a workable solution that takes into account, cost, and length of disruption with bespoke drying plans unique to the structure and client needs.

drones in construction

insurance damage assessments

Our BDMA qualified staff can quickly and efficiently assess flood, fire and storm damage. Ensuring the rapid deployment of the optimal restoration plan. Returning the property to pre-loss condition.

Drone thermal images

thermal imaging surveys

Thermal imaging allows for the inspection and analysis of objects from a unique perspective. Identify missing insulation, damaged cels within solar panels, cold bridging and areas of stress within structures.


Deadwood Services offer bespoke surveys, building inspections, and drying solutions for the insurance and construction-related industries, covering domestic and commercial sectors. High-level inspections are carried out by our CAA qualified commercial pilots, removing the need for expensive scaffolding and the associated health and safety risks.

Our client-centric approach allows us to provide only the services you need, in a format compatible with your existing workflow. We understand the needs of our clients, and work to ensure that the clients needs are foremost in our bespoke solutions.

We are insurance and construction professionals first, using the right tools to be able to offer you the best value for your data acquisition needs.

Contact us for a free consultation and let us help you make your operations quicker, safer and more cost-effective.

Our Services

  • Flood mitigation and resilience consulting
  • Warranty and insurance pre-coverage inspections
  • High level surveys, fault/damage locating, roof inspections
  • Storm & water damage assessment, drying and restoration plans
  • Thermal imaging, identify missing insulation, stress points, water leaks

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